About Me

Andre Mueller

*1989 in Lueneburg/Germany



My passion about acting is based on more than one ways. I love to take people on a journey they wont forget that fast.

I see myself playing different characters, where I can show many emotions and give those emotions back to the audience. Telling wonderful storys and just entertain the world.



I did my education at a german film and television drama school, which is based in Cologne.

During this time I have got a good impression about acting and I have learned a lot about the skills you need as an actor.

Still I am learning and studying the art of acting with respect, joy and admiration.



People are most of the time my interest during a day. I love watching their behavior and their actions with each other or alone. When I look at people or different things that happen, that makes me think about everything and refelct myself. You can perfectly learn by just watching others.

Still I am always open to learn new skills and include them in my artistic work.